Circuit bending is the act of manipulating and modifying the electrical components of a device to achieve functionality not originally intended.

You cross wires and see what happens.

I started circuit bending back in 2007 – with my first attempt being an ‘Animal Band Keyboard’ given to me by my Grandmother as a gift for Easter. It was also my simplest, with the only modifications being a ‘pitch bend’ option and a 1/4″ output. One night I was mucking around in the garage and running it through a small Behringer amplifier, scaring one of my roommates to death.

“What if the neighbors hear that at this hour? They’ll think someone is murdering a pig and the cops will come running.”

My projects have continually grown in complexity since then. This section of the website is devoted to showcasing each and every one of the devices that has left my workbench. Each entry features a picture of the unit as well as a sound-clip showcasing some of the added features. Please peruse the options in the drop-down menu and abandon all hope.

Also, if you have questions about any of the devices please use the Contact page to reach me and I’ll email you a response as soon as I can.

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