When I was growing up I was surrounded by classic rock and blues but had no real interest in music. But at the age of 17 I accidentally discovered a program that would do nothing short of revitalize and revolutionize my musical hobby – Reason, and I began to take the music composition and sound design as a serious interest.

In December of 2002, I removed every item from my closet and began to construct what would become my first studio. For hours on end, I would be glaring into two CRT monitors and tweaking virtual knobs. I could never have guessed that within just a few months, my hobby would land me my first commercial job.

In April of 2003 Yesse America from Khaeon Games offered me the chance to compose one track for Alpha Black Zero, I ended up composing five tracks in all.

In August of 2003 I enrolled in an Audio Production Specialist program at a technical college. While enrolled I achieved the President’s List three times and earning a 3.60 GPA and earned an Associates Degree.

In Spring of 2011, I completed my second college enrollment, receiving Associates of Applied Sciences for Computer Support / Network Administration and Software Development.

My first programming job was for a locally-owned business where I supported and developed their internally developed point-of-sales, inventory and order management systems. This involved a great deal of experience with PHP, Javascript, MySQL and MSSQL.

I currently work as Junior Developer at multinational company that specializes in property management software solutions.